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Are you interested in becoming a
Lay Carmelite?


Admission Requirements


  Those who are interested in becoming a Lay Carmelite must:

  • be a practicing Catholic living in communion with the Church (no marriage irregularities)

  • be at least 18 years old

  • obtain recommendation from your parish priest or another priest that knows you well (This is part of the application form.)

  • not currently a lay member of another third order or lay community

  • have good moral conduct

  • desire to live and act in the spirit of Carmel


It is recommended that you have been a member of the Catholic Church for at least 2 years before pursuing becoming a Lay Carmelite.


A person is admitted to formation through an existing Lay Carmelite community.


Formation Process


Please note that admission to formation, reception, or profession is not guaranteed and is subject to the approval of the Lay Carmelite Community Council.


Before Formation:

  • Discernment Application and interview are required.

  • Three (or more) months of inquiry depending on the next cycle of Phase I.



Formation is divided into four specific periods. The first is preparation for Reception and lasts a minimum of nine months but may extend up to two years. This period comprises a series of elementary instruction about Carmel, its charism, and traditions.


After Reception (by which one becomes a Lay Carmelite if approved by the Community Council) follows preparation for Temporary Profession. This two- to three-year formation period entails a course of instruction that will deepen one's prayer life, one's sense of community, and one's call to ministry. This phase ends with Temporary Profession, if approved by the Community Council.


The third period is preparation for Final or Perpetual Promises. In this time period of three years, one engages in formation with the perpetually professed on a monthly basis. The temporary professed Lay Carmelite deepens his or her living of the Carmelite way during this period as a means of discerning the call to Final or Perpetual Profession.


If accepted for Perpetual Profession, the Carmelite then begins the final and fourth period of formation, which is lifelong for all the members of the local Lay Carmelite Community.





  • Attend Formation meetings monthly (periods one and two).

  • Attend Community Meeting once per month.

  • Attend yearly retreats and days of reflection if at all possible.

  • Attend daily Mass if possible for your state in life.

  • Pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily (Morning and Evening Prayer). Note that learning to pray the Liturgy of the Hours will be part of your formation.

  • Active participation in Formation and Community meetings. Be prepared to volunteer as opportunities arise.

  • Spend some quiet time in reflective prayer daily.



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